Friday, January 4, 2013

A Plea for Help...

It has come to our attention that the literary world is in pain. There is a hole in the center of our wonderful community, and it stems from one very sad reality.

Stephen Zimmer does not write erotic romance.

A brilliant fantasy author, Stephen has yet to expand his reach into the realm of romance. His wonderful talent is being wasted on such upstanding pursuits and must be used for evil! The world needs his vividly written characters in compromising situations with bawdy settings and raunchy dialogue!  Such a transcendent experience should certainly be shared with the rest of the world, not kept locked away in the recesses of such a sexy brain.

We need your help! With enough signatures, perhaps we can convince Stephen to fill this void!  Please sign our petition. It is our fondest wish that one day Stephen Zimmer be known not only for his work as a fantasy series author, but also as a pioneer in the world of erotic romance.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Wyrdlings...

Many of you know us singly, but do you know us together? Not likely, I suppose. Let me introduce my sisters.

My name is S.H. Roddey. I write many, many things. It all started with horror, but I've moved into the realms of urban fantasy, science fiction and more traditional fantasy. I also write romance under another name, but I prefer to keep the Jekyll & Hyde routine out of the picture...for now. I have multiple titles, but we'll get to that later.

The first of my three partners in crime is Alexandra Christian. She writes paranormal erotic romance, and she's damn good at it, if I do say so myself. Sometimes you'll even find a sprinkling of horror in her backlist. She writes about angels, shapeshifters, murderous make-up artists, and even such oddities as selkies.

Next up...Crymsyn Hart. A true mistress of the night, she also lurks in the realms of paranormal erotic romance and horror. Vampires and shapeshifters seem to be her specialty. The most accomplished of the four of us, she has somewhere in the neighborhood of seventy titles under her belt, with no end in sight. Were-Gingerbread. Enough said.

And finally, we have Selah Janel. She joins me in the pit that is speculative fiction. She makes deals with the devil, makes vampires into lumberjacks, and even has a few moments of weakness with softer, more feminine elements.

Together we are The Wyrde Sisters. We're authors, friends, sisters in arms. We're starving artists with big dreams and wild imaginations. We love genre fiction and we aren't afraid to admit it. We're opinionated and bossy. We don't always get along (but then again, what sisters do?), but we stick together through thick and thin.

More in-depth introductions will be along shortly from each of us so you little Wyrdlings can get to know us better. I should warn you know that we talk a lot. Sometimes we talk over each other. Be prepared, because when you're in the Sisters' House, anything goes.